Lifesaving course .com is a OneStopStation to assist you in completing your lifesaving 123 , CPR , Bronze Medallion, Award of Merit, Distinction in Singapore !!!

Step by Step guide before signing up for our Lifesaving Course

First thing first, why do you want to sign up for a Lifesaving Course ?

- To become a Lifeguard on full time or part time basis

- To meet the requirement for Swimming Instructor Course

- For knowledges & Lifeskills

2. The requirements to your objectives (link to Frequent Asked Questions)

- To become a Lifeguard, you have to get certified in Lifesaving 123 and Bronze Medallion & CPR

- For Swimming Instructor Course, only Lifesaving 123 and CPR needed

4. What is Lifesaving 123 and BM & CPR ? (Link to Lifesaving 123 or Bronze Medallion & CPR)

Lifesaving 123 cover basic fundamental water safety knowledge, land and water

base non contact rescue, as well as defense and release technique.

- Bronze Medallion & CPR  is the national standard guideline in becoming a lifeguard must have.  The course assessment include rescue with time limit and performing CPR.

5. About the Lifesaving Course Schedule (link to Course Schedule)

Lifesaving 123 is either  6 sessions of 2 hours or you may request for special arrangement if you have big group for us.

and Bronze Medallion & CPR in average 12 sessions of 1.5 hours

- Both course can be done conjuctionly ! This will allow you to finish the course faster !

eg. Monday 7-9 Lifesaving 123 and Wed 7-9 Bronze Medallion & CPR

6. How do we register and sign up for the Lifesaving Course ?

(Link to Online Registration)

- Registration is simple, you may sign up online or sms / contact any of our staff.  Adminstartion and course

fee payment will be done on the first day of the course with our trainer.