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Lifeguard / Lifesaving course FAQ

Lifeguard Moses on duty
Q1. How much can a part-time lifeguard earn?

It depends on individual organizations & clubs. On an average, a part-time lifeguard can earn $10-$15 / per hour.

Q2. How to become a lifeguard?

In order to become a lifeguard, you need to attend LifeSaving 123 Course and Bronze Medallion & CPR Course.

Upon passing the above mentioned courses, you will be awarded a total of 5 certifications, which allows you to work as a lifeguard in local pools.

Q3. Is there a demand for lifeguard?

Yes there is! Due to the recent increase in drowning cases and accidents, water safety council strongly encourage the hiring of lifeguards.
Organizations such as Wild Wild Wet, Singapore Sport Coucil, Safra, Sentosa, Country Clubs etc, are always recuiting lifeguards to safeguard their premises.

Q4. What is the total duration of the courses before i can work as a lifeguard?

On an average, LifeSaving 123 will be conducted over a period of 4 - 7 weeks, and BM & CPR will be conducted over 6 - 12 weeks.
Total duration will be 2 - 5 months.

Q5. What is the total cost for the courses?

LifeSaving 123 $300 + Bronze Medallion & CPR $350** = $650. You can pay by installment but you must clear your course fee before taking the exam

Q6. Can i request for having multiple sessions a week instead of one session a week?

Yes you may. Instead of having one session per week for 6 weeks, you can request for 3 sessions a week in order to complete your courses earlier and start your lifeguard career.

Q7. How do I register and make payment for the lessons?

Registration can be done online or give a call to our training staff and a payment of MINIMUM $50 must be made on your first lesson.

Q8. When can I enroll for the course?

You can enroll for the course at any time. For more information you may visit our website or contact any of our staffs.

Q9. Due to personal reasons e.g. (exams, heavy workload, holidays), can I postpone my lessons for 1 month or more?

We do not advise students to postpone lessons for such a long period of time when they are learning the skills.
If the break is for too long, students tend to forget the learned skills and will need to start anew again. Try to attend lessons regularly!

Q10. How big is a group class?

It depends. However, we will restrict the group size of not more than 10 students per instructor in view of the amount of attention need to be given to each student.

Q11. Are lessons conducted even though it's raining?

Lessons are conducted as per normal even if there are thunder and lightning. As lifesaving classes can conducted on-land based training.
Make-up lesson will be offered with no additional charges subjected to the Instructor's timing.

Q12. What are the qualifications of your instructors?

They are qualified Instructors or Teacher recognised by Singapore LifeSaving Society (SLSS).


**Depend on personal ability to decide the future course package.