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Lifesaving Award of Merit

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To establish a higher level of knowledge understanding and practical ability in aquatic rescue situations.

Minimum Age: 14+ years or the year which the candidate turns 15 years

Class Size :  up to 10 Learners

Duration : 3 months - 6 months

Course Fee : $350 per pax (Adult) or $70 per month (Secondary Students)

Theory Test

1. Answer 6 questions on lifesaving showing a clear understanding of the following:
1.1 water safety
1.2 survival in water
1.3 rescue principles
1.4 emergency aftercare

Resuscitation Test
2. Complete the test for the SLSS’s Senior Resuscitation Award. (Candidates with the Senior Resuscitation Certificate issued within the past 24 months will be granted exemption).


3. Rescue Fitness
A conscious casualty is in deep water, 75 metres from safety. The rescuer will start the test
dressed in swimwear and long sleeved shirt, and trousers or skirt, any of which may be discarded as desired (either on land or in water). No other rescue aid is available.

3.1 enter deep water and swim 75 metres
3.2 demonstrate a clothing tow over 75 metres
3.3 secure the casualty in the support position
A time of 5 minutes will be allowed, from the start of the test to the end of the swim and tow and when casualty is placed in support position

4. Contact Tow
A conscious casualty is in deep water and 25 metres away and 75 meters from safety. No rescue aid is available.

4.1 swim 25 metres to the casualty
4.2 demonstrate a contact rescue over 75 metres
4.3 escape and take defensive action when necessary
4.4 tow the casualty to point of safety and place in support position
4.4 assist the casualty to land
4.5 provide aftercare
The casualty will attempt to grasp the rescuer before the tow starts and will struggle twice during the rescue.

5. Resuscitation Rescue
An unconscious non-breathing casualty is in deep water, 30 metres from safety. A buoyant rescue aid is available.

5.1 enter the water and swim 30 metres to the casualty and assess the casualty’s condition
5.2 with the use of buoyant aid, perform deep water resuscitation with support whilst towing the casualty 30 metres to a point of support
5.3 simulate supported EAR for another 12 inflations
5.4 land the casualty with assistance from a trained bystander
5.5 continue simulated CPR on land as directed by the Examiner
5.6 place the casualty in the Recovery Position
A time of 1 minute will be allowed from the start of the test to the first inflation of resuscitation.

6. Initiative
Two casualties are in the water, up to 25 metres from safety. The rescuer will start the test dressed in swimwear, long sleeved shirt and trousers or skirt. A selection of other rescue aids may be available. One bystander is available. Demonstrate the attempted rescue of both casualties making use of available aids and bystanders.
The Examiner may interrupt and ask the candidate to explain their actions and further intensions.

7. Swim
In swimwear, swim 600 metres continuously, comprising 50 metres each of Front Crawl, Breaststroke, Survival Backstroke and lifesaving sidestroke.

Award of Merit Course Schedule ( CLICK HERE !!!)