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Give your helping hand to someone in distress!

Lifesaving is a knowledge and skill of saving life through the prevention, personal survival and rescuing of others.

The majority of drowning accidents occur in places such sea, river and private swimming pool. It is therefore important that all members of the community learn some lifesaving techniques. The useful application of lifesaving knowledge and skill provided within this program will save lives, ensure the rescuer's safety and prevent a possible double drowning.

We provide lifesaving course to assist you to become a certified lifeguard in Singapore, student needs to enroll for a Lifesaving 123 courses; followed by Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Bronze Medallion courses.

Upon completion of Bronze Medallion and CPR Courses, the student will graduate as a lifesaver and he/she will be able to work as a Lifeguard in Singapore swimming pools.

In additional, if you would like to explore advance lifesaving techniques, we do provide advance certificate courses like Award of Merit, Distinction, Bronze Cross and Sliver Cross.

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